As an artist, I portray nature as I see it. When I was a child I used to look forward to the Sunday afternoon family outings in the Maltese countryside where I would collect leaves, twigs, flowers, shells.... and then try to create something nice out of them. I loved to bring nature into my room. I never minded being ill and missing school (I was asthmatic) because that meant being presented with crisp new drawing books and colours, and all the time in the world to paint!

Funnily enough though, I only started taking up painting seriously when I topped working to start a family. And now I can't stop myself. To me art is one thing that distinguishes human beings from other species – We are able to appreciate, enjoy and relish art – both as viewers but even more so as artists.

I believe an artist is on a never-ending, exciting journey. It is vital to first obtain solid technical skills as a good foundation, to build confidence, and thus be able to ‘let go' the artistic and creative talents.

My first solo exhibition in 1999 was entitled “Beginning of the Road” and I feel I still have so much to explore and investigate. I am looking forward to this with a lot of enthusiasm especially as my three children grow up and I'll have more time on my hands – a bright side to getting older.

I feel a thrill in creating an exciting work of art which triggers a reaction or emotion in the viewer. I am still at the stage where my art is mainly figurative – however I give a lot of importance to mood and atmosphere. As an artist, I have to actually feel and be part of my subject. Every painting I make, I give my utmost to make it special. If it is a flora – my favorite! – I visualize myself actually being amongst the leaves experiencing the breeze, the sun, the day or the night, insects and the scents, and so on. And I think this subconscious feeling is what gives a painting that special something.


Similarly, when I am painting a figure or a portrait, it really makes a big difference the more I know the model personally. And if it's a landscape, the better I know the area, and indeed the more I like it, then I paint with all the more feeling.

With regard to the future, I don't yet know where my art will go. I do so still paint in acrylics and ails, charcoal and pastel, but I wish to explore further the excitement that watercolour can offer and be more adventurous as I go on. I appreciate abstract art, but I do not think it is something you can force upon yourself; rather it is something which evolves along one's artistic journey.

I have made lots of new artist friends which has been an unexpected bonus of my painting. One of the nice things in life for me is now is going out with other artists, getting ‘drunk' on painting, art discussions and gossip, appreciating and getting inspired by each other's art!



my inspiration is the beauty of nature!